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Enjoy a relaxing walk along the Rackwick beach or follow the path up to the cliffs to look out at the Old Man of Hoy (approx 3 miles from the cottage). Or for those feeling more energetic there is the majestic Ward Hill at 479m (Orkney’s highest point) and the Cuilaigs. The summit of the Ward Hill gives you the opportunity to see almost all of the islands of Orkney. 

Hoy is rich in history with sites dating from Neolithic times. The Dwarfie Stane is the only rock-cut chambered tomb in Britain. Discover Hoy’s important role in British maritime history with the Martello Towers, Longhope Lifeboat Museum and the Lyness visitors centre.
Island of Hoy

Site of Special Scientific Interest
Special Protection Area
Special Area of Conservation 
National Scenic Area 
RSPB Reserve

The northwest area of the island has been awarded these designations due to its botany, ornithology, geology and geomorphology. Mammals found within the SSSI include mountain hare, which are only seen in Hoy in Orkney and the otter.